Focused on Precision

Our vision of land services is different than most. We are creative professionals with over 30 years of experience, committed to identifying the most appropriate, cost effective solution for your needs. We believe that our role is to be your partner, not just a vendor.

Your project manager is available to you via telephone, or email whenever you need them. Answers are important but the right answer is critical. So, put us to the test! Allow Vision Land Service to take the lead on your next project. Discover OUR point of difference.

About Us

We have the experience and know-how to get your projects completed on time and with pinpoint accuracy.

We have managed tens of thousands of projects of all sizes including ALTA/ACSM Surveys, Residential Mortgage Surveys, Elevation Certificates, As-Built Surveys, and Boundary Surveys. These are the most common types of surveys ordered by our clients.

While we specialize in large multi-site, multi-state transactions, we also have the flexibility to provide outstanding service and technical support for your single site transactions.

Our surveys are designed with the most recent (2011) ALTA/ACSM minimum standards in mind.

We enjoy the art and science of land surveying and having the depth of knowledge within our organization virtually eliminates the learning curve for any unique or site specific problem resolution.

By affording Vision Land Service the opportunity to coordinate your survey needs, you will enjoy the highest quality of expertise from one of the nation’s leading providers in land title survey coordination. To speed up your due diligence process, we manage the entire process from ordering through review to delivery, and by utilizing ‘one point of contact’ clients are saved valuable time and money.

Vision Land Service employs a standardized survey format. Easements, encroachment lines, and boundary lines are highlighted in color. Our surveys are situated on a landscape type format that offers a clear view of the structure and its dimensions. The title company’s name and contact information are also listed for ease of recertification.

With a national network of surveyors at our disposal, Vision Land Service can get you a quality survey where you need it, when you need it, and at a competitive price. We will be able to tailor our services to your project needs, whether it is a single site or a multiple site, multi-state transaction. Whatever the case may be, Vision Land Service will be able to facilitate a timely delivery to get your project to completion.

Dependable & Timely