Aerial Drone Survey

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Many stories have been written about things up in the sky and beyond. However, a new story is being written right before our very eyes. It is the story of something up in the sky within just 400 feet. At AirDronics we are the authors of this story.


Aerial Surveys previously have been notoriously expensive operations, however with access to innovations such as our aerial drones, we are able to survey most areas without any inconvenience along with competitive pricing that is substantially lower than the traditional methods.

We deliver highly accurate topographic data combined with high-resolution aerial photography and orthoimagery using UAV. The use of this technology and approach is an innovative change in the acquisition of land survey data. By using rotary UAV platforms, we are able to provide topographic and land survey data that is critical in your project management, development and acquisitions.


  • Topographic surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Construction progress photography
  • Route surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Site design

Panoramic Photos

Aerial panoramic photography is perfect for site evaluation, overviews, construction progress, marketing and promotional videos.

Our stable multi-rotor UAV can be flown to any position and capture images from 180o or 360o.   Our UAV can be sent back to precise locations capturing new images.

AirDronics has the ability to create a real time overlay of the progression of the project from concept to completion.

Images are delivered as digital files or large format prints.

With an FAA 333 Exemption we are able to quickly and legally mobilize our team quickly providing a unique and state of the art product.

In conjunction with AeroUAVs, we have access to resources and expertise to handle any project backed by the approval and all applicable laws and regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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