Quick Quoter App

QUICK QUOTER allows realtors, lenders or anyone involved in a real estate transaction be more productive with a simple yet powerful tool to get your land survey quote in real time when you are listing a property, selling a property or negotiating a transaction.We are the worlds only app based survey company that will not only return a survey quote within minutes but also give an instantaneous response if a particular parcel of land is within a flood zone.
This vital piece of information can tremendously impact the potential sale as flood insurance is often an unexpected expense that isn’t revealed until you or your clients are days away from the closing.Installing this app will afford the user the unique ability to have access, 24 hours a day, to Vision Land Service’s team of highly trained professionals. With a combined 125 years of knowledge at your disposal it makes good business sense to tap in to this free resource.For everyone who is in the real estate business, from small firms to large companies, lenders and investors, QUICK QUOTER, is a better way to work. At Vision Land Service we give you the kind of service your clients demand of you! That level of service is nothing but the best.
• Instant survey quotes in any area pushed back to your device.
• Receive a FEMA Map showing where the property falls within that map within 10 minutes of request
• QUICK QUOTER will produce and provide any requested information about platted easements on a particular parcel
• Real time answers on cost and delivery date of survey (if applicable)
• Instantly know if the property is in a flood zone and may require flood insurance
• Quick Analysis on any neighboring properties that may have been re-designated out of the flood zone
This feature will be of great benefit to everyone involved because of the potential of lowering, or in many cases, being able to have the property reclassified out of the flood zone.After your submission you will receive a small narrative of the information that our team has gathered. Survey cost and estimated completion date, flood zone classification and any adjacent parcels that have a LOMA.Stay light years ahead of your competition, impress your clients by your ability to gather real time information that can mean making the difference between closing a deal or breaking a deal.
Patent Pending 2016